We’re now seven months in to 2017. Have you started to consider what your web presence should look like in 2018? I know what you are thinking: it’s too early to start predicting website design trends for 2018!

Web design trends are constantly changing. It’s time to start looking at what we can expect to see in 2018.

Negative/White Space

White space is nothing new, but developers are finding better ways of using negative space.

Especially on mobile devices, speedy, lightweight pages are vital. Flash and gimmicky design is a thing of the past, even images are now seen as old-school! Everything on the page is there for a reason. With the correct use of negative space, attention is drawn directly to the engagement or conversion point – with no distractions.

Clean and simplistic was already a trend in 2017, minimalism will be at a whole new level in 2018.

Bold and Expressive Typography

To compliment the minimalistic designs in 2018, typography will be taking centre stage. We’re already seeing colourful, playful, and artistic fonts taking the place of images.

This once again helps when it comes to mobile browsing. Unlike images, which add weight to a page, fonts don’t. Fonts scale much, much easier and don’t have a negative impact on performance. Eliminating images and replacing it with typography creates cleaner lines, which in turn creates more negative space meaning the (CTA) call to action isn’t missed.

Scroll Triggered Animations

Scroll triggered animations aren’t new. They’ve been part of web design trends for the last few years, however, in 2018 they’re being used differently.

Animations will be minimalist and strategic and will be designed for the purpose of increasing engagement and conversion rates. The animations entice the user to keep scrolling down the funnel until they hit the conversion point, whilst reading the relevant content on the way down.

These simple animations keep the website alive, it’s an experience for the user.

Secure Web Pages

Malicious hacking became a massive talking point in 2017. Malware was bad enough, but the introduction of mass Ransomware attacks was an eye opener to pretty much everybody.

Trust is going to be a major concern in 2018. Can they trust your download? Is there email address and other personal information safe when inputted on a website? Will your website infect their computer or device?

HTTPS is there to protect confidential online transactions such as online banking and shopping and is pretty much a standard that is expected today. Given the seriousness of malware and ransomware, soon users will expect a secure experience on any website they visit or interact with.

It’s no secret either that Google’s Search Algorithms prefer websites that have the HTTPS prefix and will generally rank them better than those that don’t.

Is your website ready for 2018?

Having an outdated website can dramatically decrease conversions. Retro, cluttered designs distract visitors and can make finding information they require difficult. If the visitor can’t find what they’re looking for, they’ll essentially go elsewhere.

Is your website looking dated? Need to freshen up your design?  Get in touch today to see how I can help create a beautiful, high-performance website for 2018.