Is content still ‘The King?’

So, you’ve heard the saying “Content is King”, but you’re
not sure what all the fuss is about?
Is content still 'The King?'

Is content still ‘The King?’

Nowadays, getting answers and solutions for our problems and needs is easier, faster and a lot simpler than it use to be all thanks to the internet. With just a few clicks or swipe on a smartphone, modern consumers can easily access content they require.

Regardless of whether you’re running a small or large business, content can still establish your brand. If you want to build brand awareness, trust and loyalty, content marketing is definitely the path to pursue.

Highly engaging and useful content will not only make your target market smarter but it will also push them closer to your brand in a much more natural way. Providing content that your audience will find engaging and are more likely to interact with boosts the chances of them returning or even potentially purchasing a service you offer.

Creating quality content increases brand loyalty. Modern consumers appreciate it when a company helps to educate rather than just push their services or products. When you publish regular content for your customers, the more they feel valued and perceive the brand as a trustworthy resource.

Most importantly, content improves SEO. Producing content on a regular basis increases your chances of ranking higher in the search engine results pages, since freshness is one of the crucial ranking factors in the search engine algorithms. High quality, informative and engaging content also increases dwell time, which also contributes to SEO performance.

As Bill Gates accurately predicted over two decades ago:

Those who succeed will propel the internet forward as a marketplace of ideas, experiences and products - a marketplace of content.

Take advantage of content marketing today and your business will reap benefits that it never had before.

Yes. Content is still ‘The King’